Prior to packing

  • We recommend you take the time to sort through and organise all the items you wish to store and those that you no longer need. This not only saves on space, but also time and money.
  • Decide if you will be moving items yourself, or require a professional.
  • Determine whether your removalist provides packing materials and services, or you will need to provide your own packing materials. Here at Billabong Self Storage we offer a range of essential packing items for sale at our onsite office’s for your convenience.
  • Check your insurance cover.
  • For extra protection of your items:
    o Spray your wood furniture with a good quality furniture oil
    o To minimise rust in metal items such as tools, chrome or cast iron, wipe them with a few drops of oil
    o Wrap any silver in NON ACID tissue paper or plastic bags to help reduce tarnishing
    o Vacuum food crumbs from lounges to prevent attracting vermin
    o Empty all whitegoods such as fridges and freezers etc., wash and dry them thoroughly, leaving the door slightly ajar to prevent mould build up (you can also leave a deodoriser inside to maintain freshness)
    o Washing machines and dishwashers should have all water drained from their interiors, including the pipes. The inner and outer bowl in the washing machine should be secured to prevent mechanical derangement
    o Have any carpets and rugs cleaned and rolled
    o Expect to be asked to drain the tanks if you’re storing items with fuel, as fuel cannot be stored in your storage unit

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