Item specific storage tips


  • Don’t move wardrobes, drawers, etc. while full as they can break
  • Clothing and personal goods should be packed in strong, secure boxes or vacuum sealed bags
  • Cushions should be wrapped in plastic
  • Furniture shouldn’t be placed directly on the floor, use plastic or material to cushion heavy items
  • Stack chairs seat to seat with cloth or paper separating them, where possible


  • Avoid packing items inside your fridge or freezer as it may scratch or damage the insides


  • Wrap all breakable items separately in tissue or packing paper, box and ensure they are marked as “fragile”
  • Pack breakables in sturdy boxes
  • Place packing paper in the top and bottom of boxes, as well as any empty spaces for added protection
  • Place plates, saucers and bowls on their sides to prevent any breakage
  • Pictures and mirrors should be wrapped in cardboard, polyfoam or proper picture/mirror boxes or both


  • Use the original boxes if you still have them, otherwise you can buy specialty boxes at our onsite offices which are suitable for electronic items
  • Ensure all electrical equipment is clean and dry before storing


  • Pack these items away from goods that may be stained such as furniture

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